I’m a piece of history, and so are you.

I’m Autumn, and I’ve always been interested in history- starting from my tender age of 8 when I was introduced to dinosaurs, and now in my undying love for the 19th century.

  • I am a re-enactor of history.

In the late spring, summer, and early fall of every year, I don my restrictive corset and the super-hoop of the 1860s. I go to “events” where I chat and hang out with other like minded people, and help teach others about what that part of history was like.

  • But I still am a normal kid.

I’m 16. I dream of driving and boyfriends, late-night romance movies and popcorn. Reading books and chillin’ with my family takes up a lot of time. I don’t like to watch mainstream TV except for episodes of How It’s Made, Adventure Time, and really good History Channel documentaries. I do crafts and I listen to music.

  • Then again, history is infused in every part of my life.

I dream of driving a 1962 Mustang convertible and attending a 19th century ball with a boyfriend. I watch late-night reruns of Cold Mountain and eat popcorn made the traditional way. I read nonfiction books about Civil War generals and talk nonstop to my family about any bit of history.

  • But why make a blog?

After reading some really excellent historical fashion blogs, I thought about making my own. I wanted to share my knowledge about history, since I surround myself with it. If you look, some of my earliest posts are dedicated to 1860s fashion. After a while, I wanted to expand to all of the 19th century- fashion, wars, books, and all.


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