Why I’m Re-Reading Jane Eyre

Two years ago I picked up Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I made it to Chapter 7 and then I stopped. I was completely and utterly bored with it. In truth, Jane Eyre was not what I was expecting it to be. Just now, however, I’ve begun reading it again.

  • At first, the language of Jane Eyre sucked.

Two years ago, when I first began Jane Eyre, I could not understand diddly squat of what Charlotte wrote. But this year in my English class, I blundered through Frankenstein, a similarly written book by Mary Shelley. By the end, I understood the language. I figured that since I could finally understand the language, it would be a better read.

  • Jane Eyre seemed like a boring girl.

When I was reading Jane Eyre for the first time, Jane seemed like such a boring girl. Little emotions flowed to me through the words (or maybe that was because I didn’t understand them!) and everything Jane did seemed like it was glazed over. When I read, I see pictures and hear voices in my head (like watching the book turn into a movie)- but I wasn’t getting that with Jane Eyre. Now, however, I can see Jane in a different perspective since I have read it last, and it gives Jane a real personality instead of a black-and-white girl.

  • It’s a challenging read for me.

Although I am in a higher-paced English class, novels from the 19th century still escape my grasp. (Yet another reason as to why I haven’t read any Dickens yet!) I have a hard time comprehending them. In recent books, everything is spelled out about what is going on and who the people are. In books from the 19th century, there is a lot of guesswork (for me) about what is going on, what characters are exactly doing, and so on.

  • I needed to give it another chance.

Like I said in the beginning, I was just on Chapter 7 when I stopped reading Jane Eyre. That’s not so far into the book, just a taste of the beginning. I had an extremely biased opinion on the book then, and since I had given it time, I could take another chance at reading the book with an open mind.

  • It’s a good book.

There’s no doubt now that Jane Eyre is a good book. It’s well written, (although slightly confusing at times), descriptive, and interesting. In plain, it’s just a good book, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to read English classics.

Have you read Jane Eyre recently? What did you think of it?


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Re-Reading Jane Eyre

  1. Keep going – it’s worth it and it will stay with you for life. So many people refer to it that it’s really valuable to have a handle on the book itself. If you can bear more Bronte, give Wuthering Heights a go after that – it’s certainly not boring…

    • I am hoping to read Wuthering Heights after I finish Jane Eyre this summer. I have heard it’s very good. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I liked Jane Eyre when I first read it, but I haven’t re-read it recently. I also liked Charlotte Bronte’s novel Shirley, which was a critique of early industrialization. I started reading Vilette, by the same author, and questioned why I liked her writing in the first place; her characters in that novel seemed kind of floofy and unreachable. Yeah, it’s cool that she writes about independent women, but in Vilette her attitude towards relationships (she’s so cold I’m not sure she’s even capable of a friendship, but at the same time she’s horribly sentimental about every little thing) just makes the main character seem odd. I’m half afraid that I’ll think the same thing if I re-read Jane Eyre…

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