Pinny Embroidery

A Pair of Mill Workers

In preparation for an upcoming event, I have invited my BFF over to do some sewing. We plan to make a few things- 2 pinnies, a chemise, and a pair of drawers. One of the pinnies is for myself.

Since I strive to portray an upper middle class or a regular middle class girl, I want to make my pinny pretty. Since it’s a bit plain, I am going to add embroidery. The only hitch is that I need my embroidery to be period correct.

I did some Google-Fu and found a few small embroidery ideas from the 1860s. The first comes from the January 1860 issue of Godey’s Lady’s Book. The second site has 5 patterns ranging through the 1860s. The last I could find was a page scanned in from an 1860s Godey’s Lady’s Book.

I really like all of the patterns! However, I would just like one to grace the top of my pinny. The last example is too complicated (and require too many colors) for me to finish soon. The second site has many good examples, but they are too complicated for me to finish quickly. On the first site do I see the one I like. (It’s the circles with the dots in the middle!)

What do you think about these patterns? Will you use them in one of your projects?


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